Clinical Pilates vs. Regular Pilates: What’s the difference?

Clinical Pilates is often recommended as a way to treat muscular pain, build strength and promote movement during pregnancy. Oftentimes, if you are recovering from an injury or suffer from a painful chronic condition, your health care team will recommend clinical pilates as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy.

People also practice Pilates for other reasons. It’s a very popular form of low-impact exercises that combines the mindfulness of yoga with movements typically found in callisthenics.

So, what’s the difference between clinical Pilates at the type of class you might take at your local gym or walk in studio? Well, here at The Health Studio, our Accredited Exercise Physiologist often prescribe Pilates to treat a number of different issues. What sets our classes apart from others is the level of care and attention we provide, alongside the level of qualification attained by your instructor.

Our clinical Pilates classes have successfully treated a wide range of healthcare issues and concerns, including:

✅ Neck, hip and back pain

✅ Pre and post natal support

✅ Pelvic floor issues

✅ Postural problems

✅ Incontinence

✅ Injury rehab

✅ Improved muscle tone

✅ Weight reduction

✅ Enhanced coordination and balance

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, we encourage you to contact us at The Health Studio today !

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