Our Podiatry team aim to deliver better health outcomes to our patients by providing world-class podiatry services. Healthy feet create healthier lives. 


The Health Studio's podiatry team consist of Georgie Tye, Kendall Sawyer and Carla Joubert. They are qualified health professionals ready to deliver world-class podiatry services to their patients.

General Podiatry assessment & Treatment

 Your toe nails will be trimmed, filed, buffed and shaped in a healthy and correct manner. Hard excess skin will be removed from your feet and a rejuvenating massage will be done to complete the process.  

Skin and Nail Assessment

Review of, shape, thickness, colour and strength. The skin is also checked for excessive moisture or dryness. A plan will be completed to treat any underlying infections. 

Ingrown Toenails
Our team are trained in ingrown toenail procedures and provide patients with a variety of treatment options, including surgical options (under local anaesthetic).



We stock a range of comfy and supportive shoes designed for work or play. 

Footwear Assessment

A thorough assessment of your current footwear to ensure they are healthy for your feet followed by a recommendation on what footwear would best suit you.  

Lower Limb Sports Injuries & Rehab

If you have injured yourself from sport or are recovering from foot and ankle surgery, we can help get you back on your feet! We assess, test your and treat your injury. We develop a treatment/ rehabilitation plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.  


A device which you can put into most of your shoes providing support for various issues. These issues may include heel pain, ankle sprains, bunions, mortons neuroma, osteoarthritis, excessive rolling and much more.

Custom 3D Scanning Technology  

Our 3D foot scanning technology allows our skilled podiatrists too quickly and accurately scan the feet to create custom orthotic devices tailored to the patient’s individual foot. This technology produces better quality results and a more comfortable solution for our patients.


Foot & Ankle Pain Assessments

Anything from Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, aching feet during or at the end of the day, burning sensations, heel pain, arch pain, toe pain or discomfort, knee or lower back pain.   

Children's Feet

Pain or excessive tripping and uneven wear on shoes needs to be treated by a podiatrist. Intoeing, toe walking, heel pain, curly toes, ingrown toenails, warts, hard skin, fungal infections and eczema also need to be treated by a podiatrist.  

Diabetic Foot Assessments

A painless full check up of your foot and ankle which includes a blood supply test, nerve testing, muscle testing, footwear review and gait assessment.